Coconut Water

Coconut water has always been a popular drink in tropical countries like Asia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, Nicaragua, and Taiwan where it is accessible bottled, canned, and fresh. Coconut water is in fact the juice that is found inside the inner cavity of a young and tender coconut. Its water is one of nature’s most refreshing drinks devoured by many for its nutrients and health benefiting properties.

The water is obtained through a tender, green and healthy and intact coconut. In the middle the clear visible liquid is sweet and desolate and loaded with uncommon components such as sugars, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, cytokine, and Phyto-hormones and enzymes.

False marketing
In recent years’ coconut water, has been marketed as a sports energy drink with a low level of carbs, fat, calories, and electrolytes. The contents of primary electrolyte provide unprocessed coconut water, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium are meaningless.

Marketing companies affirming health benefits derived from coconut water are not based on scientific data. FDA has warned marketing industries in the United States of inaccurate claims that coconut water is antiviral, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-coagulant and many other false claims is improper.

Some companies have been confronted with lawsuits for false advertising claims that the product was "loaded with nutrients" " super hydrating." The defendants also asserted that a certain company made false claims that its product had 10 the times more nutrients than sports drinks. The company denied the accusation and settled the lawsuit for $10 million.

Medical usage
Coconut water has hardly been used as an alternative for medical saline. The story that is told of coconut water being much like blood plasma was introduced during World War II when the Japanese and the British were given coconut water within a vein in an emergency when saline was inaccessible. Even though substituting coconut water for saline is not advised by any doctor, it was practiced daily in the 1975-1979. Coconut water has been used as folk medicine practices in Jamaica for treatment of Diarrhea.

A speculation coming from the over drinking of coconut water is a great supply of potassium, generating kidney failure and eventually causing death.