350ML Pure Guava Fruit Juice & Drink

350ML Pure Guava Fruit Juice & Drink

Made from natural guava fruit, It is delicious and refreshing. No added sugar and an excellent source of vitamin C, Pack of twenty-four can each carton more economic.
NOTICE: We are fruit juice manufacturer and looking for distributors for the whole world market.

Additional Information

  • Product type: Beverage, Fruit Juice
  • Product code: OKYALO0032
  • HS code: 2202900132
  • Flavor: Guava
  • Purity(%): 15%, 100%
  • Specifications: 350ML*24BOTTLES/CTN
  • MOQ: 1*20GP
  • Loading Quantity: 2400ctns/20GP
    • Fair Trade Tea & Sugar

      Fair Trade Certifiedâ„?means that the certified ingredients have been cultivated in a socially and environmentally conscious manner that enables farmers to make investments directly into their businesses and communities.

    • USDA Organic

      USDA Organic regulations stipulate that crops are produced without using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

    • Kosher

      Orthodox Union Kosher Certified means every ingredient is fit or proper as it relates to kosher dietary law.

    • Gluten Free

      Gluten-free means that ingredients used contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

    • No GMOs

      "No GMOs" means that if a bioengineered version of an ingredient exists, we don't use it.

    • Recyclable

      Honest Tea encourages you to recycle your used packaging where facilities exist.

    7 Top Reasons Why You Should Drink Guava Juice

    Guava is one of the most nutritious fruits in the World. Many people overlook this delicious fruit due to its seedy and hard nature. Nevertheless, millions of people globally are turning to guava fruit juice due to its multiple health benefits. This super fruit is not only yummy but very nutritious.

    Here are 7 amazing health benefits of drinking guava juice;

    1. Regulates Blood Sugar Level
    Medical professionals are recommending 100% pure Guava juice to high blood sugar patients. Guava juice helps in regulating blood sugar levels effectively in patients. This is because guava juice increases insulin concentration and decreases glucose levels in the body. It’s an excellent everyday fruit for type 2 diabetes patients.

    2. Prevention of Bacterial Infections
    Drinking guava juice every day can help in keeping the doctor away effectively. The guava fruit has a vast wealth in antibacterial compounds. Many people are realizing that drinking guava juice is good for their health due to its ability to eradicate bacterial infections smoothly.

    3. Energy Booster
    Are you looking for a natural energy booster that has no side effects? Well, Guava fruit juice is an excellent energy booster. By drinking 100% pure Guava juice on a regular basis is an incredible way of promoting your health.

    4. Boosts Weight Loss
    Millions of people globally are struggling with overweight complications. As a result, more people are working 24/7 to lose weight. The first step to losing weight is to adopt a healthy eating habit. Consider including guava juice in your day to day diet if you want to lose weight gradually. This essential beverage helps in preventing the accumulation of toxic in the colon and eradicating excess calories in the body.

    5. Cancer prevention
    Did you know that drinking Guava juice can help in preventing cancer? The fact is that guava is not only rich in Vitamin C but also contains high levels of Lycopene among other antioxidants. Lycopene has the ability to destroy and prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Drinking guava juice daily is a perfect way of reducing the chances of suffering from any kind of cancer.

    6. Promotes Skin health
    Guava boasts a vast wealth of nutrients and antioxidants such as lycopene which are incredible in eradicating dead skin cells boosts skin regeneration and safeguarding the skin from dangerous UV rays. In other words, drinking guava juice can help you to regain your skin radiance and beauty effectively.

    7. Strengthens the Immune System
    Guava is considered as a super fruit due to its high concentration of nutrients. The fruit is second to none in terms of high levels of Vitamin Drinking guava juice everyday helps in strengthening your immunity immeasurably. There is no better beverage than Guava fruit juice.

    Consider taking 100% pure guava fruit juice regularly and see the difference it makes to your health.

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