350ML Natural Fresh Lychee Juice & Drink

350ML Natural Fresh Lychee Juice & Drink

Made from fresh lychee fruit, It is delicious and refreshing. No added sugar and an excellent source of vitamin C, Pack of twenty-four can each carton more economic.
NOTICE: We are fruit juice manufacturer and looking for distributors for the whole world market.

Additional Information

  • Product type: Beverage, Fruit Juice
  • Product code: OKYALO0031
  • HS code: 2202900131
  • Flavor: Lychee
  • Purity(%): 15%, 100%
  • Specifications: 350ML*24BOTTLES/CTN
  • MOQ: 1*20GP
  • Loading Quantity: 2400ctns/20GP
    • Fair Trade Tea & Sugar

      Fair Trade Certifiedâ„?means that the certified ingredients have been cultivated in a socially and environmentally conscious manner that enables farmers to make investments directly into their businesses and communities.

    • USDA Organic

      USDA Organic regulations stipulate that crops are produced without using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

    • Kosher

      Orthodox Union Kosher Certified means every ingredient is fit or proper as it relates to kosher dietary law.

    • Gluten Free

      Gluten-free means that ingredients used contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

    • No GMOs

      "No GMOs" means that if a bioengineered version of an ingredient exists, we don't use it.

    • Recyclable

      Honest Tea encourages you to recycle your used packaging where facilities exist.

    Health Benefits of Lychee Juice

    Lychee juice is one of the known ancient natural remedies to a lot of ailments in human kind. It possesses properties that make it unique and desirable. On top of being a very tasty and sweet  the ,100% pure lychee juice also has the following health benefits.

    1.    Helps in weight loss
    Lychee fruit juice is a remedy to those who are seeking weight loss.  Weight issues are brought about by having a low metabolism rate, or those who have a metabolic condition. These weight issues lead to further complications such as hypertension and obesity. Taking at least two glasses of lychee fruit juice daily increases the chances of losing weight and remaining healthy.

    2.    It takes care of the heart
    Regular intake of lychee fruit juice improves the condition of the heart and makes it healthier. The presence of antioxidants in the juice, makes the anti-inflammatory properties be able to prevent and relieve inflammation whenever it occurs in the cardiovascular system.

    3.    It is a good and safe source of physical energy.
    Due to its very sweet nature, it becomes a quick household fix drink to relieve you of thirst and hunger pangs. When you feel like you are running low on body energy, instead of engaging in foods that will only give you trouble, grab a glass of Lychee fruit juice. This will not only relieve your need for energy but will also provide you with a safe source of energy.

    4.    It increases metabolism rates
    Lychee fruit juice is rich in natural fatty acids. These fatty acids help in the absorption of nutrients into our bodies. By so doing, the metabolism rate of a person is improved and increased henceforth. A person becomes very healthy since the body is now able to absorb all the nutrients from the foods consumed.

    5.    Improved beauty and skin condition
    Lychee drink has to be mentioned where beauty and skin well-being is concerned. Packed with vitamin E, Lychee fruit juice ensures continued production of collagen to give an appealing flawless, beautiful skin. It also helps in hydration of dry and flaky skin giving a flawless, beautiful and healthy skin. Consumption of lychee also helps in healing of acne, and in the removal of the already existing acne blemishes.

    6.    Improves the bone structure
    Due to its richness in minerals and vitamins, consumption of the lychee drink has increased significantly. Lychee strengthens the bone structure and even aids in the prevention of bone-related health problems.

    Lychees do not contain a lot of calories. They, however, contain a lot of water and fiber. The juice also contains a negligible quantity of fat. This makes the juice suitable to drink for everyone.  It is a glass of health with which you can never go wrong.

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