Fruit Juice

When the word “juice’ comes to mind, we enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of fruit juice in front of us, bursting with nutrition, vitamins and flavor. And lets face it, we love drinking it, if not for the health benefits, for the flavor at least as it’s a delicious drink. For maximum nutrition and health benefits, freshly squeezed fruit juice is the best option. Its super easy to make, just simply peel off the fruit, and squeeze it and the juice comes out; for more complex ones you use a blender or a juicer, but the principle is the same that in a few minutes, you have freshly squeezed fruit juice for yourself.

Though you may have heard about some other options regarding juices out there, like sparkling juice or canned juice; though can juice is pretty self explanatory (juice in a can), what does sparkling juice mean one wonders? Well, you know how they add sparkling water in drinks at the bar? It’s the same principle except instead of alcohol we’re going to be using fruit juice. Fruit juice with sparkling water, that’s what makes up sparkling juice, no rocket science involved there. To make some for yourself, take 100% fruit juice of your choice and put it in a glass, about 2 oz. should do it, and then fill the rest up with sparkling water. It’s a great spin on otherwise what can be a monotonous drink every day, it adds variety and is in fact the healthiest soda you can imagine. No added sugar, preservatives or any other harmful ingredient and you know that you made it yourself, so that’s a bit of accomplishment there on its own.

As far as can juice is concerned, the name says it all. It’s a juice in a can, which you can get from your nearest store. Though this juice has been treated and processed, and includes sugar and preservatives in it. Very few can juices offer 100% fruit juice, as they include other ingredients as well. You can put your juices in cans of your own and store them for later, but keep in mind that over time they lose their nutritional value, health benefits and some of the flavor. For maximum effect and benefits, fruit juice must always be consumed when it has been freshly squeezed. Processed fruit juice such as can juice is not whole juice so other than the flavor, you’re not getting as much as you would from freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Sparkling juice is a good way to add variety to fruit juice, although the dosage of actual fruit juice is still low in quantity as compared to a glass totally filled with fruit juice, but that would require more fruit to extract juice from. As compared to can juice, sparkling juice is a healthier option while freshly squeezed fruit juice is the single most healthiest option you can imagine.

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