Aloe Vera Clear Juice 1:1

Function: Rich in Aloe Vera, protein, organic acids, amino acids, trace elements and other functional ingredients. With enhancing immunity, regulating the stomach, beauty, freckle, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood lipids, blood sugar, liver protection and other effects.
1. Food: food additives; beverages (functional drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, dairy drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.); canned; dairy products.
2. Health food: the relevant functions of the tablets, capsules, oral liquid, granules and other forms of health food products.
3. Beauty care and daily necessities: sunscreen; freckle, acne supplies; hand, skin care supplies; cleansing supplies; moisturizing supplies; shampoo; conditioner; bath supplies; hair conditioner;shaving agent;hair removal agent,etc.
4. Drugs: anti-tumor; traditional analgesics; emergency spray; remove hemorrhoids; remove scars and other preparations.
5. Sanitary products: urine is not wet; paper towels; disinfectant; hand wash product,etc.

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Additional Information

  • Product type: Aloe Vera Gel Juice
  • Product code: OKYALO0201
  • Flavor: Regular and Organic
  • Purity(%): 100%
  • Certficate: USA and EUROPE Organic
  • Specifications: 1kg/bag, 10bag/carton(Carton) Or 20bag/drum(PE Drum)
  • MOQ: 1 KG
  • Loading Quantity: -
    • Fair Trade Tea & Sugar

      Fair Trade Certified means that the certified ingredients have been cultivated in a socially and environmentally conscious manner that enables farmers to make investments directly into their businesses and communities.

    • USDA Organic

      USDA Organic regulations stipulate that crops are produced without using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

    • Kosher

      Orthodox Union Kosher Certified means every ingredient is fit or proper as it relates to kosher dietary law.

    • Gluten Free

      Gluten-free means that ingredients used contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

    • No GMOs

      "No GMOs" means that if a bioengineered version of an ingredient exists, we don't use it.

    • Recyclable

      Honest Tea encourages you to recycle your used packaging where facilities exist.


    • Aloe Vera juice is a powerful herbal liquid that will contribute to internal healing, cleansing and repairing the tissues of your digestive tract. It will ultimately result in decreased irritation and enhanced healing of ulcers and other digestive problems.It improves your overall health, boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation and perfects your skin complexion.
    • Note that health problems, a weak immune system, inflammation and a poor skin complexion all contribute to increased signs of aging. Fight them right away with the power of Aloe!

    Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

    Boosts Your Immune System

    Aloe Vera contains a cocktail of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that reinforce your immune system and help your body get rid of toxins and pathogens.

    Aloe Vera juice is a powerful ally in the quest to protect your health. Due to its unique properties, it will even reduce the effects of seasonal allergies and fight a myriad of inflammatory immune disorders that could ruin your week.

    Improves Your Digestion

    Aloe Vera juice is made of Aloe leaf pulp and comes completely packed with nutrients and fiber – in other words: the perfect cocktail for a better digestion. Additionally, this special juice increases bacteria in the intestines (don’t worry, this is a healthy type!) that will aid your digestion.

    Adding this beverage to your diet will give your body important nutrients and fiber, improve the absorption of key nutrients and make the process of digestion as smooth as possible.

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