3 easy coconut water recipes

Almost every island survival movie, TV show or even video games show the coconut as the main source of sustenance. Coconut is one of the most famous food items in the world, in fact it is almost a tradition to consume one when visiting the tropics. Coconut is also the source for the coconut water which is highly nutritious and tasty. Its benefits are endless and it makes a quick, really delicious drink. However it can be used as an ingredient in different recipes, here are our top coconut water recipes:

Kale Salad with Summer Fruits, tossed with Coconut Water Vinaigrette:

The salad is the benchmark for healthy food, and if you want to further enhance its benefits, you can add some coconut water in the mix. In order to make this particular salad, you need the following items:

1 bunch Kale, with stems removed

1 Peach, sliced.

1 Nectarine, sliced.

½ cup blackberries.

½ cup sliced almonds.

In order to make the vinaigrette, you need the following ingredients:

¼ cup coconut water.

2 Tablespoon lemon juice.

2 Tablespoon olive oil.

1 teaspoon salt.

½ teaspoon black pepper.

Once you have acquired the items, we can proceed with the recipe. Start with combining all ingredient in a large bowl except the almonds and blackberries. Next apply the vinaigrette to the kale until the leaves become soft and dark green. Then toss the sliced fruits with this kale, and in the end garnish it with blackberries and sliced almonds. Easy to make, easy to serve and highly nutritious; your salad is ready and that concludes our first coconut water recipe.

Fruit-Filled Coconut Water Smoothie:

This time we’re making a drink with the coconut water, which is best for those hot summer days, but can be enjoyed regardless the time of the year or the weather. This super easy to make, regardless of your culinary skill; here are the things you need:

¾ cup coconut water.

¾ cup strawberries, stems removed.

½ cup fresh pineapple, peeled and chopped.

1 large navel orange, peeled.

One and a half cups of ice.

Like I said, its incredibly easy to make. Once you have got the ingredients like I mentioned, put them into a blender and blend till the contents are smooth and consistent. And Voila! Your freshly made smoothy is ready, now just kick back, relax and enjoy the drink.

Watermelon and Coconut water Ice pops:

While we’re on the subject of summer treats, this is a must have coconut water recipe. Here is what you need:

4 cups watermelon chunks, no seeds.

½ cup coconut water.

Juice from 1 freshly squeezed lime.

2 tablespoons of agave nectar.

You also need some popsicle molds in which the pops will set in. Start by combining all ingredients in a blender and blend until puree is smooth. Transfer to popsicle molds and freeze. Once the mixture has become a solid, remove from molds and enjoy your popsicle.

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