Best Aloe Vera Drink Exporters

Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions, both internal and external and it is not hard to see why. The thing is nothing short of a miracle drug with amazing healing properties, because of which it is used as a main ingredient in medicine and beauty products, but that’s not all. Inspired from its medicinal and cosmetic utilities, many people are using it in their health drinks and smoothies and some producers have even started making packaged drinks of the plant. There are many companies which export the drinks all over the world, these companies are based in countries where the plant is abundant. Here are the top Aloe Vera Juice exporters in the world: Southland Trade Company Ltd: Southland is a company based off in China and specializes in production of drinks. They make a variety of carbonated soft drinks, flavored juices, aloe vera juice drinks and energy drinks. They are one of the leading Aloe Vera beverage exporters in the whole wide world and their products are exported all over the world, they are HACCP, FDA and HALAL certified so you can rest easy consuming their products, when you find them.

Avin F & B Co.LLC: This company is based off in the United States of America, in the state of Georgia to be precise. Their main product is the Aloe Vera Juice and their products are available in many countries in the world making them one of the very best Aloe Vera Juice exporters on the planet. But most of their exports are based off in USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Central America and the Caribbean. Their products are named as Vinco Aloe Vera Juice,VINCO Coconut Water and VINCO Energy Drink, so if you see these products anywhere you now know who made them.

Okyfood Co., Ltd: And last but not least we have a cmpany from the east, Okyfood Co., Ltd from China. They are the largest Aloe Vera Drink Exporters in the world. Though they’re based in China, their products are exported all over the globe. In addition to that, they make beauty and cosmetics products as well that include Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. They are based off in the Xuhui District in Suzhou China, but like I mentioned before they take orders from all over the world and export their products and you’ll be able to find their products in your country regardless. These were some of the best Aloe Vera Drink exporters in the world, they have an influence in multiple countries and their products are readily available as well. If you want to sell their products in your country, then simply contact them and you’ll find them eager to please you with their service and stock. The Aloe Vera drink is easy to make yourself, but it needs some time to make so in case you want it in a hurry these guys make them and supply them all over the world.

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