Shocking Experiment - What happens when you boil Soft Drink

What is the drink that goes with every food out there, well most foods to be precise, what is that particular kind of drink? I’ll keep you from guessing, it’s the soft drink. There are dozens of soft drink brands from all over the world, with hundreds and thousands of soft drink ads broadcasted on TV all the time. Even now I can bet those brands are going in your head, and you might be craving a cold one now. But all those soft drinks you consume, have you ever thought what happened if you boiled it? No, I bet you haven’t. But now you wont have to anymore, because I’m about to tell you.

First we get the soft drinks, and then bring it home where we’ll most probably be doing this experiment. I’m going to walk you through this whole ordeal, so you can have a first hand experience for this experiment. We will take these soft drinks, into the kitchen and light the stove and put a pot on it. Opening one of the soft drink, and then pour it completely in that pot. For the first few minutes nothing will happen in the pot or to the soft drink but after a little while it will start bubbling up as the liquid comes to a boil. This is it, now it starts happening. When it starts happening, we will take something we can stir with and start doing so gently after the intervals of a few seconds. You will have to do this multiple times through out the experiment. As time progresses, you will notice that the mixture is now getting a little thicker and harder to stir and it quite sticky, I will explain why it is so in a minute. Eventually we will reach a place where all the liquid is evaporated, and a black slimey and sticky mixture is left in the pot. That is all the sugar and sod from that soft drink. Yes, that’s right, that’s what goes inside us all those times when we drink those soft drink.

The soda from the mixture makes an excellent grease cutter and you can use that to clean heavily greased kitchen pots, pots and other such kitchen utensils. Now here’s a fun fact, if you did the experiment with a regular soft drink then you will have this black slime. But if it was done with a diet soft drink, then there will be very little and close to nothing left. Now ask yourself, why is that? Well, mainly because a diet soft drink has very little sugar to begin with and that slime is all sugar. So if something doesn’t have sugar at all then there will be nothing there at the end of the experiment. Sugar is ok, of course it makes all those delicious deserts and such. But too much sugar is harmful, so you can drink soft drinks but not too much.

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